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Have you been neglecting your own well-being since having kids? For months, maybe even years - a decade or more? (no judgment here!). 

Do you struggle to keep up with it all? To stick with healthy habits consistently or make any real progress on your health goals with everything else you have going on?

Do you often feel unmotivated or have trouble making yourself a priority? Cycling through starting a diet or exercise program only to abandon it within a couple of weeks (or days!)?

Do you often feel anxious or guilty about your lack of progress or results?

I get it, mama, I've been there too!

But I know that amidst the mental clutter, chaos and constant busyness of motherhood, there's still a healthy, vibrant woman within you just waiting to be nurtured and reclaimed . . .



Hi, I'm Liane!

I'm a mindset and goals success coach, wellness lifestyle coach and holistic nutritionist in training.

I love helping other mamas get energetically unstuck, start prioritizing themselves again and reach their healthy living goals with powerful mindset shifts, solid goal setting strategies and revitalizing holistic practices so they can reclaim their energy and become their most healthy, vibrant selves.

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Mindset & Mental Health

2 Lessons

Nurture your mental space and reduce stress to unlock greater potential in your healthy living pursuits

5-Day Mindset Reset Challenge

7 Lessons

Feel calm and recentered in just 5 days 


Holistic Nutrition

2 Lessons

Recipes, whole food plant based eating guides and meal plans

Fitness Inspo

2 Lessons

Get a jump start on your exercise goals with this fitness planner and 30-day challenge

Holistic Self-Care

3 Lessons

Resources to help you create your own customized self-care plan 


7-Day Holistic Habits Challenge

7 Lessons

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