[COMING SOON!] Healthy Habits for Life Reboot


If you're ready (like yesterday!) to create a healthy lifestyle but struggle to maintain consistent healthy habits or keep your motivation up, then this course is for you!

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I have good intentions - I’m going to work out 5 days this week! I’m going to eat 80% of my diet plant-based! I’m going to be in bed by 10 pm! I’m going to practice meditation for 20 minutes every day! - but after a few days or weeks my motivation fizzles out and I end going back to bad habits. I just can’t seem to make anything stick!
  • I like lists and planners and calendars and programs. I sign up for every free healthy living thing I can get my hands on. I plan and plan and plan . . . but then never DO anything or hardly close to my intentions.  I’m so fed up with myself.
  • I want to live healthier. The problem is I’ve got my reservations. Healthy eating and healthy living are expensive. Plus I’m a busy woman who doesn’t have a lot of extra time. Making these changes is going to take a lot of effort. How do I overcome these obstacles?


Sound familiar?



Then you’ve come to the right place!


No matter which persona you relate to, this course is designed to be your virtual goal setting and mindset coach to guide and support you in establishing healthy living habits you’ll actually stick to.


Most importantly, this course helps you to address, unpack and tackle the mindset blocks we often have when trying to make changes. This is an area that’s often overlooked or ignored when someone is attempting to reach a goal.



Big mistake!


Because here’s the crucial thing to set goals you’ll actually follow through and reach . . .


If your thinking patterns and beliefs are not in-line with your ultimate goal (or your goal isn't in line with your values!), you’re going to run into the same roadblocks, self-sabotaging behaviors and subconscious resistance again and again.


But that won’t be you this time!


Through 6 modules and 20 lessons, you'll learn how to... 

  • Establish healthy habits that actually STICK
  • Stop planning and start DOING
  • Get out of a funk and get back on track with your healthy living and wellness goals with CBT techniques (aka “mindset hacks”)
  • Challenge fears, limiting beliefs, negative thinking patterns, and demotivating factors with a simple psychological hack
  • Learn to think long-term with healthy habits, rather than a temporary fix
  • Continue to keep your motivation up and stay inspired past the initial 6-weeks (I’ll show you how)
  • Practice self-love and self-forgiveness when you fall off the healthy living bandwagon - and learn how to get back on track (because it happens to the best of us!)


Make good on those New Year’s Resolutions with the Healthy Habits For Life Reboot!


PLUS, your course includes these bonus items...

  • A workbook to keep all your goals and epiphanies organized
  • Self-discovery worksheets, actionable weekly steps to help you implement each module, and reflective journal prompts to help you uncover limiting beliefs 
  • Monthly habit tracker (print or use digitally again and again)
  • Meditations and affirmations 
  • Even more secret bonus content you can only unlock by completing modules and lessons in the course!


By the end of this course, you will...

  • Develop a customized wellness program that fits your budget, schedule, and lifestyle - there is NO one size fits all here! This course is designed to guide you in choosing the lifestyle habits that are right for you and how to use successful goal setting strategies to make your vision a reality.
  • Learn the cognitive behavioral therapy techniques - I call them “mindset hacks” - that will help you overcome the limited or negative thinking patterns that are holding you back (we all have them to some degree!), get out of a rut (or avoid falling into one), and ensure that you actually take action on your new habits - so that they stick!
  • Understand how to keep your momentum and motivation high over the long-term - despite inevitable setbacks and obstacles (let’s face it - life happens!), because these new healthy habits are NOT a quick fix - they’re a lifestyle!
  • Have a system in place for getting back on track if you fall off the healthy living bandwagon - and how to practice self-love and forgiveness when you do.


How would it feel if you could . . .

  • Reach that health goal you've been procrastinating on without the worry, stress, guilt and overwhelm?
  • Set a wellness goal and be confident you're going to reach it instead of just hoping that you do?
  • Keep yourself motivated, not just for a few days or weeks but for a lifetime?
  • Get back on track with your healthy lifestyle any time life throws you a curveball - with less discouragement and more self-forgiveness and love?



Ready to finally crush those healthy living goals? 

I'll see you on the inside!

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MODULE 1: Setting Achievable Goals
MODULE 2: Get Out of the Funk Holding You Back
MODULE 3: Hacking Your Habits
MODULE 4: Keys to Maintaining Motivation
MODULE 5: Creating Healthy Habits for Life
MODULE 6: Practicing Self-Forgiveness to Stay Consistent
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